Spend More For High Quality Or Buy Cheap To Save Money?


If you are looking for a new outfit, do you have to buy the polyester pants that cost $ 20 or $ 150 for a pair of wool? If you need a new bank, is it better to go to IKEA and spend $ 400 or buy a $ 2000 bank at Crate & Barrel?

When shopping, you can easily assume that a higher price tag always means a better product. That is what most manufacturers want you to think. Otherwise, few people would spend $ 100 if they could get the same item for $ 10. Although there are times when it makes sense to go for quality at the expense of the price, in some cases it is better to save your money and buy the cheaper option. In other cases you can now pay more, but ultimately you save money.

This article discusses how to get the best value for money:

  1. Clothing and accessories
  2. Home and persoGeorge Knightleyijke care
  3. Travel and transportation

Clothing and accessories

Clothing and accessories

You can argue that it is better to go for quality when it comes to items that go on your body by saying this: you only get one body. How well you treat it determines not only how long it will last, but also how well. That said, you don’t always have to spend on products that you buy to wear or consume. Sometimes a price tag is determined by the label and it has no real reflection of the quality of the product.

1. Clothing


It pays to spend more on quality when buying clothes. The better a piece of clothing, whether it is a jeans, a t-shirt or a blazer, the longer it takes. Higher quality clothing is also easier to care for than the cheap things. If you have ever thrown a pair of cheap, viscose shorts or polyester tops in the wash and made it appear that it doesn’t look like itself, then you know what I’m talking about.

Quality clothing lasts longer because of better fabric and a better construction. If you are unsure whether a garment is of high quality, your eyes and hands can tell you.

First, feel the fabric. A rough or scratchy texture is often a sign of a lower quality fabric, unless it is meant to be a bit nubby, such as a tweed or some types of silk. You also do not want holes or loose threads in the fabric or the knit of the fabric. Then lift the fabric to the light. In the case of cotton or wool, you do not want to see through the fabric.

Try to manipulate the material. If you crumble a corner of a shirt or the hem of a pants or skirt, what happens to the fabric when you release it? Some types of fabric, such as cheap cotton and linen, contain wrinkles as if it is their job. If the fabric wrinkles after a little handling, imagine what it will look like after a long day at work or while playing.

Look closely at the seams on the garment. One of the ways in which clothing manufacturers try to reduce costs (and corners) is by sewing sloppy seams. Carefully pull on the garment on each side of the seam and see what happens with the stitching. If it is a seam that is worth its salt, it will not easily pull apart if you pull it.

Also check that the seam is straight and not crooked or bundled in some places. No loose threads may hang on the seam. If the garment has fasteners such as a zipper or buttons, these must be securely attached to the item. It is also a good idea to play with the zipper to make sure it opens and closes easily and to test the buttons to make sure they fit into the buttonholes.

Although you want to buy high-quality clothing, you do not have to pay high prices for this. You can find George Knightley richly constructed gems in fast-fashion stores as often as you can find weirdly constructed clothing with designer labels on them. I have had a few dresses from Target and H & M has been holding me for more than five years. I also dismantled more expensive dresses from a so-called ‘luxury’ label after a few have worn out. Do not fall into the trap, at least not with clothing, that duration is better.

The trick is to be a diligent shopper and carefully inspect every item before you take it home. When you buy something oGeorge Knightleyine, make sure that it comes from a site where you can return items, because you cannot purchase the clothing once before you buy it.

Consensus : go for quality, but remember that expensive is not synonymous with quality.

2. Shoes


Every other summer I go to Old Navy or Target and drop $ 2 for a pair of plastic flip-flops. Those flip-flops then become my “home” shoes in my summer. Except that I wear them to walk over to the public swimming pool located two blocks from my house, I only wear those slippers when I’m indoors or hanging out in my back yard. Although I have seen that similar flip-flops cost more than $ 50, it makes sense that I buy the cheapest pair that I can find because I don’t wear them out of the way.

When it comes to shoes, I am going to wear the world, I have learned how hard it is to buy quality. I walk a lot, and if I don’t walk, I ride a bike. That means I need shoes that can tolerate the abuse I give them without wearing them out at a glance.

Low quality shoes make my feet sweat because they cannot breathe. They scratch my heels and give me blisters. The cheaper the shoe, the faster the rubber or plastic sole wears out. If a synthetic or plastic shoe gets worn or scratched, you cannot repair it with shoe polish. Moreover, plastic or synthetic shoes often do not fit as well as leather shoes, because the synthetic material never stretches or molds to your feet.

Together with everyday shoes, it makes sense to invest in quality when you buy shoes for a special purpose. The wrong running shoes can destroy your feet, a pair of walking shoes that do not have a good grip can make a walk a dangerous event, and work boots that do not offer much protection can lead to injury.

That said, you don’t always have to think about quality when it comes to shoes. If you do not intend to leave your house in the shoes, it is okay to do something cheap, as long as the shoes are somewhat comfortable. Like my $ 2 flip-flops, I don’t like to spend a lot of money on shoes that you will only wear for gardening or grumbling around the yard.

It is also a good idea to think about price over quality when you buy shoes for young children. They will probably outgrow the shoes of George Knightleyijk before they enter 10,000 steps, so why pay more than a few dollars? You can choose the second-hand route for small children if you want a shoe of better quality for a lower price tag.

Consensus : if you buy shoes for daily use or for a specialized activity, don’t go cheap. It is easier to repair high quality shoes if they are worn out, rather than having to buy new ones. If you buy lounge shoes or shoes for children, it’s OK to go cheap.

3. Watches

My watch costs $ 50. I can’t remember when I got it, but I’ve had it for a number of years. It accurately tells the time. I’m not even sure how my $ 50 watch can tell the time differently than a $ 50,000 Rolex, or why the average person needs a watch that is pricey, except as a status symbol.

It turns out that even I may have paid too much for my $ 50 watch. According to Gizmodo, a super cheap digital watch is better at accurately telling the time than both my watch and an expensive Rolex.

Consensus : unless you are interested in a watch as a status symbol, you don’t have to pay the average person’s salary for one. You can get a stylish watch that shows the time for less than $ 100.

4. Glasses


Depending on where you buy frames and lenses, the average price of a pair of glasses can be around $ 300. Stick a designer label on a few frames and the price of a pair of glasses can go up to $ 500 or more. Although it used to be that you had to visit a eyeglass store or a viewing center to buy glasses, nowadays there are plenty of oGeorge Knightleyine options that offer glasses for a much lower price.

Does a higher price tag mean higher quality when it comes to glasses or can you save your money safely? For the most part it is OK to go with the cheaper option when buying glasses. The reason why so many glasses cost so much is because there is only one main brand behind the eyewear industry in the United States, according to a 2014 60-minute report. If you buy a pair of Coach or Chanel glasses, you may not get a pair of one higher quality than frames with a lesser known label on it.

One thing that is worth considering before you buy glasses is the type of activities that you will do while wearing them. If you need glasses for sports or if you are a cyclist or skater, it may be worth spending more in the front on a pair made of unbreakable material. That way you don’t have to keep investing in a new pair if yours breaks.

If you are known for leaving your glasses behind, it may be better that your wallet becomes cheap. That way, if you lose a pair, you only lose $ 50 or $ 100, instead of hundreds of dollars.

Consensus : the next time you need new glasses, you can see the cheaper oGeorge Knightleyine options. Make sure the couple you choose fits your needs and lifestyle.

Home and persoGeorge Knightleyijke care

Home and persoGeorge Knightleyijke care

When should you invest and when should you save when it comes to items that you use at home? How often you plan to use a product and how effective that product is may affect the usefulness of saving or not.

5. Food and drinks


Like clothing, the price of certain types of food and beverages does not often reflect the quality found inside. Let’s use chocolate as an example. There are different qualities of chocolate, and some people like to pay $ 7 or more for a bar that they think is made from cocoa beans from a single location and produced using fair trade labor.

But, as NPR reported, it appears that many people cannot taste the difference between an expensive, luxury chocolate bar and chocolate from a regular candy brand. To make matters worse, at least one craft chocolate brand was accused of using “industrial” chocolate in its bars, according to the New York Times.

Another edible category where it is not always logical to belong to the more expensive option is alcohol. Wine is an obvious example, but vodka, a tasteless, odorless, clear drink is an even better drink. If you run into a liquor store withinneegeorge knightley, you will probably find geeorge knightleyijk rows and rows of vodka bottles ranging from less than $ 10 per bottle to over $ 50 per bottle. Let’s ignore the flavored options and look at the regular options.

You would find it hard to see the difference between a bottle of $ 12 vodka and a bottle of $ 20. Bloomberg reported that at the Beverage Testing Institute tastings in Chicago, two cheaper brands (Svedka and Vodka) earned higher scores than brands that cost more than $ 50 per bottle.

When it comes to food and drink, a higher price is not only associated with higher quality. People tend to equate higher price tags with healthier options. It is true that healthier food options tend to cost more calorie-by-calorie, but according to a study published in the British Medical Journal, healthier eating costs just $ 1.50 more per day.

The tricky thing about cheap food is that it ultimately costs more. Buying fruits and vegetables on the market can lead to a higher supermarket bill than buying cans of salty soup and boxes of cheese-like pasta, but those cheaper foods tend to contribute to health issues such as obesity and diabetes. And the costs of treating chronic health problems can be huge.

Consensus : there is no point in paying a price for designer food. However, it is better to pay more for whole foods such as products, whole grains, eggs, and lean meat than to save money in the register by buying many processed items.

6. Cosmetics and products for personal care Knightly rich care


When you spend $ 30 on a lipstick versus $ 5, do you pay for better ingredients and better formulation? The answer is yes and no. Although more expensive lipsticks and other types of cosmetics often contain more pigments – meaning they have more color – the rest of the ingredients are usually the same as less expensive cosmetics for drug stores.

The same often applies to skin care products, except for products available on prescription. If you suffer from severe acne or have wrinkles that do not respond to freely available products, it may be worth talking to your doctor and paying for a more expensive prescription-strength alternative. These products often have higher concentrations of active ingredients, such as retinol, and can mean more to your skin than anything that you will find in the store in a drugstore or department store.

Consensus : if you like a high-end makeup product, go ahead and spend it. However, keep in mind that you can often get the same result from a product that you would buy at the pharmacy.

7. Cleaners


One of the joys of being an adult is to clean your house. The type of cleaning products that you use can have an impact on whether tidying up is a doable job or a nightmare. Does it pay to spend more on pricey cleaners?

It all depends on what you buy. One of my favorite cleaners is Bon Ami. It is a powdered cleaner made from limestone. A small amount of it is sufficient to restore the shine of a stainless steel sink and to scrub stuck food from pans. A can can last a long time and usually costs around $ 7.

Vinegar is another cheap cleaning workhorse. It does away with the cleaning of walls of walls, keeps windows streak-free and removes mineral deposits from your coffee maker. A liter of distilled white vinegar will go a long way, and usually costs just a few dollars.

What do you pay for when you buy an expensive cleaning product? It depends on the brand and the ingredients. Natural products are often repackaged, colorful formulations with vinegar. The packaging is visually more attractive than a gallon jar of vinegar, and the products often contain oils and odors that mask the characteristic vinegar smell. But is the packaging and the fragrance worth the higher price?

One of the areas where it is wise to make indentations and to place quality first is in the area of ​​cleaning tools. A low-end vacuum cleaner that simply pushes dirt or fur from pets over your carpet is not worth the headache. A hand vacuum cleaner that does not hold a load is not worth the low price. Dishcloths and towels that do not absorb or become immediately soaked rags will dislike cleaning.

Consensus : when it comes to cleaning products, the ‘oldies but goodies’ are the right choice. Vinegar, Bon Ami and even bleach are all cheap and good at cleaning. If you need tools to clean, it is often worth the extra cost to match quality and buy the best product you can afford. Your floors and furniture will thank you.

8. Furniture


Whether you spend or save on furniture, it comes down to what stage of your life you are in and how much you will use the furniture. If you have just bought a house and are planning to stay there for many years, it makes sense that you focus on quality over price. But if you have only just started or are relocating regularly for work or for school, you may prefer to throw a piece of George Knightleyijk part of your furniture into the cupboard.

Moving is rough for everyone, and that also applies to furniture that can be transported from place to place. You don’t want to spend more than $ 1,000 on a couch or dining table just to get it damaged during a move.

How much you use furniture also influences how much you have to spend on it or whether you want to focus on quality. There is a good chance that you will spend most of your time at home in your bed, on your couch or in other living room furniture or at your desk. Give priority to those pieces so that you are able to get a good night’s sleep, relax in your living room and work at your desk without getting a repetitive stress injury.

Consensus : Strive for quality documents once you have arranged. Remember that you don’t have to buy everything in one go. Budget for pieces and buy the most important first. If your life is still moving, focus on your bed, couch and desk. Fill in gaps with affordable, but ultimately “disposable” pieces from a discount store or flea market.

9. Cookware


When it comes to buying cookware, it pays to look for quality first. Years ago my partner bought a $ 10 cooking set from a certain Swedish furniture store. He constantly explained how well the pans worked and how cheap they were compared to a more expensive Le Creuset Dutch oven that I owned. Here’s the thing: those pans were eventually irreparably damaged. In the meantime, my more expensive Dutch oven is still widely used and shows no signs of wear.

Although you want to avoid the cheapest options, usually made of thin metal with handles that can’t stand the heat, you don’t necessarily have to drop a lot of money to get high-quality cookware. My partner JareGeorge Knightleyang had a cast-iron skillet and it is probably George Knightleyijk that the skillet was used for decades before he bought it. A new cast-iron frying pan will probably bring you George Knightleyijk only about $ 20 and will last for years, as long as you take care of it.

Some materials are better suited to cookware than others. You will get the most value and durability for your money if you are looking for products made from one of the following:

  • Cast iron / enamelled cast iron . You can use cast iron pans and pots on the hob or in the oven. Enamelled pans are easy to clean with soap and water and can be washed in the dishwasher. Uncoated cast iron can be a bit more picky because you have to wash it by hand. Uncoated cast iron herbs protect against rust and develop a non-stick quality.
  • Stainless steel . Stainless steel pans do not react with the food you prepare in them. They heat easily and can be used on the hob or in the oven. Most are dishwasher safe. If you opt for stainless steel, look for a model with an aluminum or copper core, with which you can heat the pan evenly.
  • Anodized aluminum . Aluminum pans are not ideal because they are reactive and soft, which means that they can easily warp or dent. Anodized aluminum has been specially treated to make it more durable. Aluminum pans are also lighter than steel or cast iron.

Consensus : go for quality when buying cookware. If new cast iron or stainless steel pans seem priceless, take a look at a local thrift store or flea market. You can often find carefully used, high-quality pans for a low price.

10. Devices and electronics


When you buy appliances such as a refrigerator or stove, or other electronics for your home, it is often better to go with the more expensive model that will save you money in the long run than the cost-effective model that costs more to work. Most household appliances contain a tag that indicates how much energy they use each year and the average cost of that energy.

Let’s say you’re looking at two fridges. One costs $ 500 and uses $ 250 in energy annually. The other costs $ 1,000 and uses $ 75 in energy annually. After four years, the $ 500 model will cost you $ 1,500. The $ 1,000 model costs $ 1,300.

It is often wise to spend more on items with a longer shelf life than their less expensive cousins. LED lights can last for many years. They usually cost more in front than incandescent or CFL bulbs, but because you only have to buy a bulb every five years (compared to multiple bulbs per year in the case of incandescent bulbs or a new bulb every few years in the case of CFLs), you end up usually spending less in the long run.

Consensus : expenditure on equipment and electronics can save you money to a certain extent. Do not feel that you have to spend on non-essential things, such as a refrigerator with a built-in TV or a heater that connects to the internet. Do the math before you buy to make sure it saves you money over time.

Travel and transportation

Travel and transportation

We often equate quality with safety. The more you spend on something, the more likely George Knightleyijker it is to have certain safety features. In addition, new models have more safety features than older ones, thanks to technological progress. Safety is not the only thing you have to take into account when deciding which products should be used outside of your home.

11. Transport


When you buy a car, the total cost of the vehicle will be higher than what is stated on the sticker. How much more that car will cost you, depends on fuel consumption, insurance and maintenance. Older cars often cost a lot less than newer models at the front, but what you can save on the price of the car you quickly pay for in gasoline, repairs and insurance.

You could take your life in your hands every time you step behind the wheel of an older vehicle, possibly increasing your medical costs. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, airbags were not compulsory for the driver until 1998. Some older models have them, but a good number do not.

However, do not feel that you have to buy a new car to get the most value for your money. A used car a few years old is often the best of both worlds. You get the safety features and fuel consumption that you are looking for and a price that is right. Used cars not only have a lower sticker price than new ones, they also usually have fewer costs and taxes when you buy them.

What about a bike? That’s an expense you can save on, right? Well, not that fast. Although you don’t have to spend thousands to get a high-end designer bike, it is a good idea to invest some money in your two-wheel transport.

Inexpensive bicycles are often referred to as “bicycle-shaped objects” or BSOs. They can look and feel like bicycles, but they are often made of materials that do not perform as well or as safely as they should. The brakes can for example be made of plastic, which can break easily. The frame is usually made of a metal that is easy to rust or that is very heavy, making it difficult to maneuver the engine. The wheels are often skewed or there is not enough tension in the spokes.

That said, you can find an affordable bike that is still of high quality. In Philly, where I live, there is a program called Neighborhood Bike Works. It operates a bicycle shop that sells used, refurbished bicycles for a low price. The program also offers repair workshops to teach you how to maintain and repair your bike.

Consensus : think of the cost of ownership before you buy a car or bicycle. A cheaper model often costs you more in the long term and can even endanger your life.

12. Luggage


Whether it is a suitcase or a backpack, you demand a lot from your luggage. It must carry your gear from point A to point B and reach its destination in one piece. If you check your bag, chances are that someone will throw it at least once during his trip. As soon as you arrive at your destination, you must drive the luggage behind you or carry it on your shoulder.

Imagine that a belt breaks, clicks a wheel or bursts your luggage at any time during the process. Talk about a nightmare. In the best case, you will have to wear the piece awkwardly on the rest of the road. In the worst case, you will be scrambling to collect your clothing and other belongings from the sidewalk or the airport walkway.

When selecting quality luggage, note these characteristics:

  • Metal zippers . A thin plastic zipper can easily break. A metal zipper is more durable. Look for a cover with two zippers, so that you do not stay behind with a broken bag if something happens to one of the features.
  • Skateboard wheels . Skateboard wheels are usually made of polyurethane, a durable composite material. If it’s good enough to handle the rigors of skateboarding, it’s good enough for your suitcase. Try to avoid luggage with hard plastic wheels, as the plastic can break easily.
  • Soft versus Hard Sided . Do not assume that hard cases are more durable than soft cases. A hard case can easily be dented if it is made of thin, thin material. A soft cover has many advantages, including a more durable exterior.

Consensus : as long as you can find a suitcase with a sturdy zipper, familiar wheels and a thick, durable outer shell, you don’t have to pay design prices for it.

13. Camping equipment


If you ever had to sleep in two inches of water because your tent was leaking, then you probably already know George Knightleyijk how valuable it is to buy high-quality camping equipment. Weather resistance is only a function that must be sought in a tent and other camping gear. You also want to consider how easy it is to set up the tent and how much space you have once it is. All this equipment must be included in your essential camping checklist.

Cheaper tents are often difficult to set up and tend to be small. You pay more for a larger tent, but you also get a more comfortable night’s sleep. Easily setting up a tent is essential if you plan to make a normal camping habit.

How do you know if a tent is watertight? Look at the seams. They must be sealed or taped so that no water leaks through the stitches. The floor seams must be lifted off the ground so that no water can seep out of the ground. Some brands seal the seams of the floor instead of using stitches, which offers even more protection against water.

Provide even more protection against rain and dew for a tent with a rain fly. To make attaching the rain fly a snap, the tent must have slanted loops that allow you to attach the rain fly with ease and prevent a dust from popping or blowing away in rough conditions.

Consensus : a cheap tent can ensure that you never want to go camping again. If you spend $ 20 on a tent and use it once, you have actually spent more on that camping holiday than if you buy a tent of $ 100 to camp every summer in the course of a summer. Spend a tent that has all the functions you need to stay dry and comfortable, regardless of the kind of weather that nature pushes you.

Last word


Although higher quality items usually cost more than their cheap cousins ​​from the basement, do not assume that a higher price tag means that an item will get better. You will find numerous high-quality, affordable items at second-hand or consignment stores. Knowing what to look out for makes it easier to identify quality products. Always inspect each item carefully before you buy it so that it survives whatever you want.

Most importantly, don’t equate designer with quality. In the case of ‘designer labels’ you often pay for the name or packaging, not for the integrity of the product.

What influences your purchases? How do you know if an item is worth spending or if you better choose to choose something cheaper?


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